Why Firefox 4 wont be Acid3 compliant

The Acid Tests are useful tests used to gauge whether a browser conforms to web standards and are often used to rate progress on beta builds of new browser versions, as well as a way to nudge older browsers (Internet Explorer) towards compliance.

So you may be surprised to find that it is unlikely that Firefox4 will be fully Acid3 compliant. According to a comment on Slashdot by Mozilla’s Boris Zbarsky and a follow up post by Alexander Limi, the three remaining items are to do with SVG fonts and have only been partially implemented in Opera and Webkit (Safari and Chrome) – just enough for those browsers to pass Acid3.

Currently IE9 Beta scores 95 on the Acid3 test and it’s unlikely that it will meet the 100% mark either. Which raises the question: just how important is the Acid3 test these days anyway?

Why Firefox 4 wont be Acid3 compliant

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